Dewy Venerius - Kawaii illustrator & designer

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My name is Dewy, and I'm a Dutch illustrator & designer who lives in North Holland. 

My work is inspired by de Japanse subcultuur and food. My style is sleek, playful and sweet, but with a cool edge & vibe. Cartoonish, happy, graphic and cute designs are my expertise. 

Do you want to hire me as an illustrator or designer? For collaborations, please contact me on the contact page.

In my kawaii webshop of my brand DewyCreations you will find cute items with a Japanese touch. There are a lot of fashionstationery and home decoratie items available.

I design all the cute postcardsstickers and small gifts myself. Are you looking for an alternative outfit? Create your own look with my sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts & other fashion items

Please take a look at the different items!

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Looking for a specific style? Please view my different collections!

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I love yo make cute, custom illustrations for you or your company. Please take a look at my portfolio to see my recent projects. 

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Are you searching for a portrait for a personal gift? An illustration for an invitation, wedding day or a birth card? Or do you wat who = who portraits for your company website? Let us brainstorm about a fitting style for your portrait. Please visit my portfolio for cute cartoon-ish portraits, manga and chibi drawings

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Character design

Are you looking for Japanese and kawaii character designs? I love to make them for you! My specialism lies in food characters & cute animal designs. You can see some examples in the Kawaii Animals collection which I am developing at the moment, or at the Kawaii Fastfood collection


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Small illustrations & icons

I like to design small illustrations for books, magazines, icons, logo's & other graphics applications. Please visit my portfolio to see some examples! 

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Product design and promotional gifts

I like to develop and design concepts for (illustrated) product designs. From pattern design to visualisation, from an idea to a concept. You can contact me for the illustrations as well as advice for the production partners. 

I have a broad network in Holland and overseas for the production of small batches. 

I love to think with you about a product design. Curious about my former work? Take a look at the promotional gift I developed for the Foundation Yoga Zwolle. 

Support via Ko-fi

Do you like my work? Nice! You can buy a small cup of coffee for me! Visit Ko-Fi to make a small donation for my business. Thanks for the support!