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Dewy is a Dutch illustrator & designer, living in Haarlem. Dewy loves the Japanese (sub)culture & everything "kawaii". You also see the Japanese and manga influences in her work. Dewy likes to work in different, graphic styles.

Drawing has been always Dewy's passion. From the moment she could hold a pen is she making colorful illustrations. The stories she comes up with are an eternal source of inspiration. Dewy's rich fantasy world is her strength.

My drawings are both sleek and playful. They are cute & sweet, but also have a tough edge. My drawing style is unique because I make my work partly digitally, and partly by hand; the old fashioned way. I have a personal, recognizable, graphic, black lines in my work and you often see cheerful colors in my illustrations.

The power of her illustration is the broad applicability of her work. Dewy designed her own products, but also educational materials and an illustrated book with her designs. You can see examples of her work in her portfolio and webshop. Visit the agenda to see an overview of the markets and events where Dewy sells her wares.

Dewy about the philosophy behind her business:

“You do not only buy a product from me, but also a part of my fantasy world, story and identity. My products are meant to get a permanent place in your daily environment, to make life a bit more fun, happier or colorful. The moment you buy something from me you always carry a small piece of DewyCreations with you. An object is not a thing, but it says something about who you are. By using my products you show the world the story about yourself. What do you want to say? ”

Dewy is also an art educator. In 2018 she graduated from art school with a teaching qualification. She loves to give a workshop or lecture about her work. Mail for the possibilities.

Do you have a question or do you want to collaborate with Dewy? Please contact her on the contact page..

2013 - 2018Docentenopleiding Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving aan de Breitner Academie
Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
2007 - 2013Voortgezet Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs aan Meander College Zwolle
2012 - 2013Naaicursus bij de kostuumfabriek Zwolle
2011 - 2012Oriëntatie cursus Art and Design (Artez Arnhem)
2018Freelance stagair bij illustrator Milo Rottinghuis (Milo/ illustratie)
2017 - 2018Educator binnen het kinderkunstprogramma en schilderlessen voor volwassenen bij het buitenschoolse, kunsteducatieve centrum MK24
2016 - 2017Stagiair bij de IMC Weekendschool, ontwerper en uitvoerder van lessenpakket rondom het beroep kunstenaar voor kinderen tussen 11 en 12 jaar
2016 - 2017Stagiair bij het Damstede Lyceum voor de lessen CKV, Kunst Algemeen en praktijklessen vwo onderbouw
2015 - 2016Stagiair bij het Spinoza Lyceum voor kunstpraktijklessen en kunsttheorielessen voor mavo, havo en vwo, onderbouw en bovenbouw