Illustrations Cat Shelter Company

For this project I made some cat advertisements for the cat inhabitants of the animal shelter in Amsterdam North. The cats in the shelter are animals that can no longer can be adopted because they have grown up in the wild or have been neglected. They can no longer be socialized and will always have to stay in the shelter, because contact & social interaction with people is almost impossible.

To give the cats some extra attention, I designed eight portraits of the animals. Each cat tells a fragmentary story or poem based on conversations with local residents from Amsterdam North. With this combination of image and text, I wanted to create an alienating work that would fit the antisocial nature of the cats.

The catvertisements have been on the website of the animal shelter in Amsterdam North for about a year. In the end, the shelter had to put some of the animals to sleep and they removed the work from the website.

More info about the cats can be found at the website of Stichting Dierenleed.