Illustrations Carousel Playground Amstelpark

Playground Amstelpark is a cosy, outdoor playground with a lot of attractions and playsets for children. I made a new design for the carroussel in the park.

The whirligig was designed as a large oak tree. The tree is inhabited with all kind of animals. Small creatures such as insects and frogs crawl in the grass, while the forest animals have fun at the trunk. And if you closely, you can spot birds and other animals hiding between the branches.

All creatures which can be found in the tree are based on animals from Dutch nature. This way children will learn something about the Dutch flora & fauna during their visit.

The carroussel's target group are children of 4-12 years old.

Do you also want a design where illustration and product design meet? Or do you want illustrations meant for children? Please send an e-mail to discuss the possibilities!