Product design, promotional items & gifts


I love to design and think about a concept for product designs and promotional gifts for your company. To give you some examples, I made the premium for the the Foundation Yoga Zwolle. een eindejaarsgeschenk, en ontwierp ik de illustraties voor de kledinglijn van Kingdom Bunniez.

I'm specialized in making or ordering small editions (with fullcolour prints if needed). I have a broad network with reliable partners for my production. For all the products I made so far, the quality of the designs is tested.

In this article you will find several options and examples of promotional gifts I can offer. Or look for ideas in my webshop..

T-shirt-full-colour-bedrukking-DewyCreations by . T-shirts with a full colour design 

I wanted to make fullcolour t-shirts with my own background. I found a trusted seller which makes Polyester T-shirts with prints. Visit the webshop to see some examples. It is possible to design the whole shirt in all colors you want.

I can also have other businesses where I can make shirts with a one color print or easier designs. I would love to inform you about all the possibilities. Contact Dewy if you want more info!

Own-pattern-sneakers-custom-made-DewyCreations by .

Shoes with your own design or logo

I also make custom shoes with your own logo, illustration or pattern. There are currently 2 models sneakers available. See some examples in the webshop..

B2B clients can order shoes with a MOQ of 5 pieces. Contact Dewy for a price indication.



Bags and textile itemsTassen-met-jouw-design by .

You can also order items such as bags, laptop sleeves and tote bags. Minimum order amount is 5 pieces. Contact Dewy for more info.






Small promotional gifts

I also design small merchandise items, such as buttons, stickers and keychains.

Keychains can be personalized with an own front & back design. They are available in circle-, rectangle and heart-shape design.

Do you have an idea? Please send an e-mail! Buttons-Kawaii4U-DewyCreations-web by .



Hartelijk-bedankt-kaartje-met-bedeltje2 by . Thank you cards with handmade charms

In my assortiment small cards with handmade charms are also available.

For the Foundation Yoga Zwolle I made a present with those small charms, and I also made a small coleection for in my own webshop.

Do you also want cards with handmade charms for your company? Contact Dewy for the possibilities.