Zine Madness Dutchies Unite 2019

Dewy made an illustration for the magazine: “Zine Dutchies Madness Unite 2019”. It is a magazine by and for artists about the Dutch artist alley community. The artist alley community is a group of illustrators & designers who regularly participate in Japanese anime & game conventions.

Organisators of the Zine:

“Zinemadness is a magazine that originated from the brainfart in 2018 that there are no longer as many booklets sold at conventions. Sometimes, with the growing number of artists in the artist alley, we can no longer see the forest for the trees. The idea of Zinemadness was to both promote booklets and get to know the artist community better. “

The theme of the booklet is “Back to your Roots.” The illustrations in the Zine are inspired by something we enjoyed as a child;
something which inspired us in the past and was a reason for us to draw. 33 illustrators contributed to the magazine with a full color A5 illustration.